Thursday, 1 March 2012

Episode 2 "Jook Sing" airs this Saturday

CBC TV "Absolutely Canadian," showcasing the best Canadian documentaries
9 AM - PACIFIC (Vancouver/Victoria) 
10 AM - MOUNTAIN (Edmonton/Calgary)
11 AM - CENTRAL (Moose Jaw/Regina/Saskatoon)
12 PM - EASTERN (Toronto/Montreal/Ottawa)
1 PM - ATLANTIC (Halifax)
1:30 PM - NEWFOUNDLAND (St. John's)


Anonymous said...

I am glad I watched both episodes. Awesome.

You guys rock !

What are you doing next? And when will the DVD be out do you think? I also love the music.

lostyears said...

LOST YEARS DVDs will be available for purchase later this year for personal/non-commercial use and for institutional purchases.

Send us an email at to receive notification of the DVD release which will include bonus reels and highlights never-before-seen by the general viewing audience.

Thank you for your continued support!

Annettee said...

I love the music too.